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Can't figure out how to get deals at the PX, here's some help....

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Can't figure out how to get deals at the PX, here's some help....

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 10, 2012 8:52 pm

1. ALWAYS scan all the local stores AD's to see what you can price match...
2. Look for AAFES coupon through the AAFES Facebook page, Clip N Save coupon books(may be mailed to you or have them in the store) or the peelies attached to the products in the store.

For instance, Here's a deal I LOVE...
Tide goes on Sale for $5 at Dollar General and there are almost always $2 AAFES coupons attached to Tide and then a $2 mfr. coupon makes the Tide $1 each Smile

Many of the times, P&G products will have AAFES coupons attached to them...Gain, Tide, Bounty, Febreeze items, Gillette, Old Spice, etc.

Remember, no overage is supposed to be given(if you get it, be happy) so be prepared that they may just give you your item for free

No Ad is required to price match UNLESS there is a $10 difference PER item(think price matching electronics)

The PX will price match dollar stores, big box stores(walmart, kmart, target,etc), pharmacies, grocery stores and/or Wharehouse clubs(Sams and Costco).


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